Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt's passion for the diamond industry dates back more than 25 years. His diamond journey began on a ski slope in Utah, where he met the owner of a South African diamond firm. Their conversation marked Dave's foray into the world of fine stones and led to his first industry job as a loose diamond sales representative, commencing what would be a long and industrious career.

Since then, Dave has bought, cut, sold, and distributed loose diamonds to jewelers around the world. He has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the industry, De Beers among them.

As a father and husband first, Dave moved his career closer to home in 2000. He ventured on his own, starting a loose diamond wholesale business in the Hudson Valley where he sold and brokered diamonds to jewelers across the country.

His decision proved rewarding; in 2005 the business expanded to become Hudson Valley Diamonds, serving as Dutchess County's first wholesale diamond and retail operation.

At his current location in LaGrange, Dave continues to bring unmatched diamond industry expertise and an unprecedented level of service to the Hudson Valley. Diamonds are and always will be his passion, and he aims to bring his knowledge to his clients in every aspect of his work.